Here is what our existing clients have to say about our services...

Jamie Williams - Geared Up Solutions, Sumner

We needed to start a company and formalise a partnership agreement. Chris was great and explained all the steps required to make this happen, as well as timelines and fees associated with this. We came in on budget and time, and were extremely satisfied with the outcome and the process from start to finish. Since then, we have continued to utilise the services of Chilli Law, and have been very happy, to the point, that we have recommended their services to many of our peers and colleagues.

The team at Chilli law are very approachable, attentive, great listeners, empathetic without being apathetic. They are very responsive to urgent matters, and will manage your expectations throughout the contact period. They treat you with respect, and will always return your call. Most importantly, they are excellent at what they do, and have a very calm and methodical approach to tackling any of our challenges.

Having a solid partnership agreement helped enormously, and accelerated the process of when our partner wanted to exit. Thanks to Chris’s partnership template, initial counsel, and foresight around exiting of partners in our original agreement, the process was seamless, and all parties expectations were managed without the need for any outside interference.

Chilli Law helped to contribute to the outcome we wanted through forward vision, and the fact that Chris is an experienced professional, he understands what the mission critical is in the foundation of agreements such as partnerships.

I find having a good working relationship with Chilli Law, gives us great confidence when we have a large customer wanting us to enter into a contract, supply chain agreements etc, I know I can count on the team at Chilli law, to read any legal documents and recommend a course of action. I find this to be inexpensive insurance for our business.

We feel confident, comfortable, and secure knowing that Chilli Law is our legal partner.

I would recommend Chilli Law to any business that wants a true strategic legal partner, not only as a business contact, more an extension of their strategic business units. A company should engage with Chilli Law if they want a true professional organisation, that can add value at all stages of a business’s life cycle.  Go and meet the team, and you will quickly see how authentic and genuine they are about your issues, challenges, opportunities. 

Jacqueline Rice - Business Owner and Entrepreneur, Brisbane

We first approached Chilli Law when we were purchasing a coffee shop business.  At the time we were looking for a smaller more individual solicitor and local easy access.

Chilli Law were very approachable, we instantly felt in good hands, we felt confident that Chris was fully acquainted with our needs. Communication was excellent, prompt and concise and open minded.

The best things about working with Chilli Law were an immediate feeling of trust in our solicitor and the ability to reach him at short notice and receive excellent advice enabled us to make the best decisions for our business.

Each decision we made about our business was handled promptly and efficiently, which meant that we could expedite our process of purchase and eventual sale of our business with minimal stress or complication at our end regardless of what the other party may bring to the complexities of purchase or sale. The result being very tidy and thorough.

Chris is always gracious, available and efficient, no matter how busy he is. His ability to be open minded to our situation yet offer clear and concise advise, this created an enormous feeling of 'trust' in his advice and also the feeling that he genuinely cared about us as clients and that we were not just another box to be ticked in a larger firm.

I think any business that wants a more personalised hands on approach would benefit from Chilli law.

Steve Walsh - Business Owner

Chris Lillie from Chilli Law is a straight up operator who I would recommend. No BS and doesn't waste your time.

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