Our Team

Our lawyers are approachable, love what they do, are involved in the community and are interested in helping businesses succeed.  We only choose people who are well-rounded "people-people".

When you work with a lawyer from Chilli Law, you will find a key difference is that our lawyers are available to you from the start to the finish of a matter and you will not find that your file is passed through several sets of hands.

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Shares or assets - comparing the two ways to buy a business - which is right for me?
27th November 2018

When you are out searching for a business to purchase, you might have come across two different...

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Considering buying a commercial investment property? Read on...
20th November 2018

In this article we look at some of the considerations in buying a commercial property for...

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Getting it legal: agreeing a property settlement with your ex
9th November 2018

So you and your ex-partner or spouse have reached an agreement on how to split the family assets...

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