Our Lawyers

Our lawyers are approachable, love what they do, are involved in the community and are interested in helping businesses succeed.  We only choose people who are well-rounded "people-people".

When you work with a lawyer from Chilli Law, you will find a key difference is that our lawyers are available to you from the start to the finish of a matter and you will not find that your file is passed through several sets of hands.

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Poor contract drafting to blame for dispute
18th October 2017

The recent decision of the High Court in (Gee Dee Nominees Pty Ltd v Ecosse Property Holdings Pty...

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Legal Health Check
12th October 2017

We want to work with you over the long term and to help you minimise risks and interruptions to...

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Top Risks in leasing for Tenants
4th October 2017

Office leases have a reputation for being a standard document. However, for many small businesses...

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